Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Radio Stations

“Would you change the station from this noise to a softer music like you used to play?” The woman asked the waitress with a sweet smile and a gentle voice accompanied by a wink of the eye.  Turning to per partner she said, “Now was I gracious enough?”

“Yes,” her friend affirmed, “you were gracious.”

Was she?  Her voice may have pretended graciousness, but no matter how sweet the tone of voice, the words were insulting to anyone who liked the kind of music the woman called noise.  The words the woman chose were rude. 

We are a peculiar people, not because of the music we listen to, the way we dress or some other culturally based likes and dislikes, but because we reflect the character of God in our responses to those with whom we come in contact (1 Peter2:9).