Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Wealthy Man

A very wealthy man had great wisdom and understood business. He enjoyed music and hired singers to entertain his guests at dinner parties and celebrations. He enjoyed laughter and surrounded himself with humorous people and enjoyed making others laugh.

Because his estate covered many acres, he hired landscapers to build pools and fountains in gardens filled with exotic flowers, tress and shrubs. On his property was a large forest and several acres of orchards from which he harvested fresh fruit for his guests.

He purchased works of art including vessels of gold and silver. He paid servants well to do his every bidding. His guests were from the royalty and rulers from distant nations. His political influence abounded without much effort because of his natural insight into human nature.

But as the years passed into decades and gravity began showing the marks across his face, he became depressed. His thoughts turned toward death and the fact that everyone dies, rich or poor, wise or foolish. The wealthy could not avoid it anymore than the poor. His fear and recognition of his own vulnerability began to haunt him.

He concluded life is not about eating, drinking, and possessions. It is about knowing God (Ecclesiastes 2; Romans 14:17).