Monday, March 2, 2009

Hot Chocolet

The kitchen is filled with the aroma of freshly backed chocolate chip cookies. Coffee is brewing, the fragrance of recently ground beans tempt the nostrils. Hot chocolate is simmering on the stove with tiny marshmallows waiting in a glass bowl on the counter. A child comes home from school, homework in a backpack; a spouse enters the front door, briefcase in hand. Who in their right mind is not going to ask for a taste and what cook is not going to grant the request?

This is the mystery of prayer. God has prepared the cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate and all we need to do is request. Yet we remain silent? Why is that? Are we fatalists? Do we think whatever God has planned will happen and therefore we don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch life go by? Curious.

Paul requested the believers of Colossi to pray for him that God would open a door for the word. We also need to pray that the Lord will create opportunities for us to speak the mysteries of Christ (Colossians 4:3).