Monday, March 23, 2009

Bread, Fish, Eggs

Time is a treasure many of us seek to possess. When we pray, we want what we ask for to be given to us immediately. But Jesus said, “He who keeps on asking will receive what he asks for. He who keeps on seeking will find that for which he seeks. He who keeps on knocking shall have the door opened to him” (Luke 11:9-13). It is not a short process.

In the illustration Jesus uses, the son asks for bread, fish, and egg. He is searching for food to sustain life. We are to seek spiritual sustenance. Jesus says the Holy Spirit will be given to those who continually ask this from the Father.

I always want to know and understand now. When I ask, I want to receive immediately. I puzzle over God’s delays. I question my faith. I examine my heart. I wonder what is wrong with the way I am praying. The truth is simple; God will not relinquish his timing. I must continue to seek him while I patiently wait in faith.

(Luke 11:9-13)