Friday, October 10, 2014

Sarah called him lord

A man at a couples’ retreat jokingly said he expected his wife to call him master.  His humor seemed to vail a serious expectation he had of his wife.   When Peter refers to Sarah calling Abraham lord, it does not mean Lord in the vernacular we have today.  The closer rendition is sir.  Even that looses meaning cross culturally.  The principle meaning is to show respect toward your husband.  

Women are to be careful not to degrade, make fun of, demean, insult or show disrespect of any kind toward their husbands.  If we are human we will be angry with our husbands at some point.  But even then we are to argue respectfully.  We do not resort to demeaning them, but always showing respect to another person for whom Christ died (1 Peter 3:6).