Monday, May 26, 2014

Something to think about

It looks like there were two other people who lived with Philemon. Apphia who most likely Philemon’s wife and Archippas, probably his son.  Philemon also hosted a church.

At the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the believers attended synagog.  But by the time Paul writes to Philemon, the persecution is so grey that believers had to either meet in secret and/or in homes.  Paul’s friend, as we know, was a wealthy man who had slaves.  But this man was not only rich in worldly goods, but that Philemon’s faith and love toward the Lord Jesus and the Saints was evident. (Philemon 1:5).

We often connect faith toward God as part and parcel of believing in God, but how do we have faith toward the Saints (fellow believers)?

Something to think about today.